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​​Given our current technological limits, subtle phenomena such as out-of-body experiences, encounters with non-physical beings or the existence of other dimensions of life are not readily proven in ways that will satisfy skeptics who have not had their own experiential proof. Apart from pursuing our own experiences, for now all we can do is collect, compare and analyse the experiences of those who claim to have travelled beyond the body. Surely consistencies in a substantial body of personal records at some point counts as evidence for the veracity of the accounts.

One of the reasons I find corroborating evidence from…


Many indigenous peoples and religious groups place great value on what we might call “extraordinary experiences of consciousness” and actively pursue them through rituals, ceremonies, drug use and other techniques. Anthropology’s key research tool of participant observation can open us to this experiential dimension, and there are now a good number of accounts where anthropologists don’t just observe the behaviour of their informants, but weave their own experiences of consciousness into the account (Young & Goulet 1994). This raises fundamental questions about the paradigm through which we view such data.

I here argue for the possibility of developing an experientially…

Complacency is a white luxury we cannot afford

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Racism is complex and many faceted. It has shaped the world for centuries and produced untold suffering. Yet our attempts to challenge and transform it have been ad hoc, largely driven by grass roots activists rather than those with control over social and economic power. Most people will agree that outright racial hatred and violence has no space in modern society. But once we get into the details, there is much less agreement about what constitutes racial hatred and violence, let alone who is responsible and how the situation is best addressed.

One of the issues that even the most…

Especially with racism hiding in plain sight

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Among white people the realization that racism is a major social issue seems to have landed only quite recently. Racism has been a foundational structural feature of society for centuries, at the very least since global colonialism and the cross-Atlantic slave trade. This racism has been invisible for much of the time, as it is pushed aside by the realities of existing in our world. Yet in 2020 we have had a major shift in consciousness among millions of white people around the world. …

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For much of my life, getting the fastest checkout queue has been a secret compulsion at the end of most supermarket shops. As I approach the checkouts, I scan to see if everybody else missed one that is free. Of course that’s a rare event, so after a fleeting sense of disappointment, so subtle it can easily go unnoticed, I look for the one with the shortest queue. I also conduct lightning-fast surveillance to tally up the content of peoples’ trolleys and baskets, rapidly assessing which line will likely move fastest.

Having picked my queue, despite my best endeavors, it…

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Hidden emotions

A close relative recently shared with me that he had woken from an anxiety attack. He was in the middle of an obligatory 2 weeks home quarantine after returning to his country from overseas. He said he had not even realised that he was feeling anxious until he found himself waking in deep panic with a racing heart and intense agitation in his body.

It is surprisingly easy for us not to know how we are feeling. Especially when it comes to feelings of fear, uncertainty and anxiety, so many of us have those running subtly in the background…

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There are many gains in becoming conscious of our dreams. The psychological benefits of exploring and interpreting our dreams were recognised long before Freud, in many ancient cultures. More recently, research into lucid dreaming has shown that we can use the sleep state to train our mind, heal our body and overcome fears and phobias.

And bringing awareness to our sleep may not only give us access to our dreams, but even allow us to experience an altered state of consciousness known as the out-of-body experience, a state where we experience ourselves fully consciously aware with the sense of being…

Wayman Elbridge Adams — The Conspiracy (1919)

Prolonged uncertainty is painful. Among the many hardships suffered by those stuck in refugee detention centres, one of the most tortuous is the indefinite nature of their situation. They have no control over their lives and no idea when their situation may change. The coronavirus pandemic has brought a wave of that kind of uncertainty crashing down among those of us who previously lived in what seemed like a well-ordered world. Because somehow, miraculously, despite unprecedented wild-fires, climate change and a low-key world-war-by-proxy, for most of us life has been continuing with a predictable rhythm. …

An experimental account of psilocybin mushrooms

By Arp — This image is Image Number 6514 at Mushroom Observer, a source for mycological images., CC BY-SA 3.0,


I feel ambiguous about the use of drugs to explore our consciousness. On the one hand I do not want to advocate drugs as tools for such exploration, let alone our personal growth. On the other, I do not want to be too critical of substances that do have the potential to greatly enhance a person’s connection with themselves and with the world around them, including especially the natural world. I firmly believe that the world crisis we are currently living in requires a dramatic shift of consciousness to be addressed, and if projectiogenic drugs, i.e. …

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Right now many millions of us are experiencing loss, grief, fear and anxiety because of the dramatic changes being brought about through the appearance of the Covid-19 causing coronavirus. Many of us are afraid that we or those we love will get sick, and there is widespread upheaval and suffering due to the loss of income, separation from family and loved ones and sudden limits on our freedom of movement. Even if you are relatively secure right now, chances are you are impacted by the collective anxiety surrounding you and in some way conscious of the uncertainty about how this…

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